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Since 1994

Marques has been providing innovative mortgage solutions to all borrower types, in turn helping clients accomplish their goals of Real Estate ownership and investment. Our vision is to give our borrowers the resources to help fund their investment goals that traditional banks and other lenders cannot achieve. We have a successful no-income document verification program which allows clients to expand their borrowing capabilities thus acquiring more properties. There is no reason for our clients to face rejection and complications for their funding needs. Marques Commercial Capital has the solution that will work for the client.


Fernando J. Marques is founder of Marques Commercial Capital. Mr. Marques has over 20 years of mortgage retail experience and has successfully built several brokerage origination platforms in first and second mortgage financing with iconic companies to include Bayview Financial, Lehman Bros, Green Point Bank, Marques Commercial Capital, and World Savings. Mr. Marques, is duly licensed as a Real Estate Broker and NMLS in both California and Florida. His development capabilities and innovative strategies has put ahead in innovation and technology with a fully automated software system to lead the industry in 2014.

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