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Commercial loans are the backbone of business growth and expansion. Navigating through the myriad of loan options can be challenging. This website simplifies your search, providing key insights into securing the right commercial loan for your business needs. Our leadership team is responsible for the firm’s operations and performance, with an extensive knowledge, track record and successful closings.

Since 1994, Marques has been providing innovative mortgage solutions to all borrower types, in turn helping clients accomplish their goals of Real Estate ownership and investment.

Marques specializes in non-conforming, alternate A-loans to maximize borrows real estate portfolios by providing permanent financing.

Our Programs

Our excellent service stands firm behind our integrity and professionalism.

Multi-Family and Mixed Use


Multifamily properties are the go-between for residential and commercial real estate.

While they can serve primarily as a residency, the general purpose for the property type is for investment (owner-occupied or not)… 

Multi-Family and Mixed Use

Mixed Use

We believe that property owners and investors are underserved by narrow and inflexible banking guidelines.

We’re on a mission to change that by providing flexible financing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients… 

Investor (1-4)

Introducing our new 1-4 Unit Investment Property Program.

Marques Commercial’s single property loan program is designed to help investors grow their investment portfolio through refinancing existing… 


Quality credit deserves quality rates.

Marques Commercial has a goal to provide the needed capital to build up a borrower’s commercial property portfolio and help them attain quality credit by offering… 

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FlexTerm 30 Loan

Rehab/ ARV

Bridge I/O

Fast50 Term Loan

Foreign Investor Loan