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Marques Capital Portfolio

Our portfolio of investment property financing solutions encompasses a variety of residential and commercial real estate, such as single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, multi-family apartments, mixed-use buildings, and small commercial buildings.

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Featured Fundings

Our team has facilitated financing for a number of commercial and investment property loans for a variety of investors. Here are some examples.

Investor 1-4

The buy-and-hold investor opted for Marques Directs’ FlexPerm mortgage program, due to its 30-year fixed interest rate, and lack of a balloon payment, in order to achieve the goal of generating long-term rental income from the 2-4 unit residential investment property.

Property Type: Investor 1-4

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $518,000

Commercial Office

We funded the purchase of a commercial office in this building with a 3-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized adjustable rate mortgage.

Property: Commercial Office

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $903,000

Flex Term

An experienced borrower wanted to begin purchasing investment properties for their son, with the hopes of growing his budding real estate business. The borrower’s longtime broker sought an investment property lender that could deliver expert service and close quickly. Marques hit the target close date with a competitive rate to fund this spacious office unit in only 11 days.

Property: Office

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $487,500


While the investor could have easily qualified for traditional financing, they required a quicker close to secure the deal on this multi-family property. We responded by closing the deal in just 12 days using our asset-based, FlexTerm mortgage program and digital loan origination system to simplify the approval process and save time.

Property: Multi-Family

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $2,370,750


We funded the purchase of this fully occupied mixed-use property in just 24 days using our 30-year, fixed-rate FlexPerm loan program. Available in a 3-year or 30-year term, each amortized over 30 years and with no balloon payment, the FlexPerm loan is perfect for buy-and-hold acquisitions.

Property: Mixed-Use

Purpose: Purchase

Loan Amount: $1,600,000