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Utilizing Auctions, Realtors, and Third Parties in Search Of Investment Properties

Written by Marques

Searching for investment properties may be challenging. One must ensure that there are numerous options available so that one can pick and select the prospects that meet our investment strategy and goals. Knowing where to find these properties then is imperative.

Investors working with Marques Commercial Direct have identified a great go-to source for finding amazing investment properties- through real estate auctions and off-market. Though the majority of investors have identified real estate agents, listing sites, and Internet search engines as their preferred source for finding potential investment properties — investors working with Marques Commercial Direct have found a niche to quickly identify and capitalize on investment opportunities. They are likely to use real estate auctions twice more as the others.

Buying at an auction, off-market and as-is can be smart options to get a home for less than its market worth. Real estate auctions are efficient because instead of looking hard for properties, the properties are already available and all that must be done is to select which ones to consider. Auctions and as-is only may offer some risks like the properties needing significant amounts for repairs, but the advantages outweigh them. It is much quicker to acquire properties from auctions compared to doing so in other channels. Moreover, contracts are signed as soon as the auction is over thus time is not wasted and there will be no room for delays.

Besides auctions, investors working with Marques Commercial Direct have other several options or alternatives available- they connect with other investors and third party brokers as other potential sources for information on possible investments. Owing to its reliability as an information source, the investors working with Marques Commercial Direct are five times more likely to refer to other real estate investors and thrice as likely to consult mortgage brokers when it comes to finding the next opportunity where they can invest.

The Possible Effects

By accessing several tools and a variety of resources in identifying possible investment opportunities, investors working with Marques Commercial Direct have significantly acquired more properties compared to other investors- up to 4.6 single – family homes compared to only two for competitors. But this strategy proved successful not only in the purchase of homes but even of condominiums wherein investors working with Marques has led with 2.8 properties as opposed to only 1.6 for other investors.

This is a clear indication that it is not enough to rely only on the usual channels, to be at an advantage, one needs to be on the lookout to find more clients and not miss out on the chance of coming across worthwhile properties. As an adage states, no stone shall be left unturned in the quest for finding and cultivating leads.

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