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The Importance Of Networks For Financing Source Referrals

Written by Marques

Investing requires a little savvy to ensure success. One should not only rely on his planning and negotiating skills alone. Building a network can create business opportunities.

Marques Commercial Direct works with investors who rely on their vast network of acquaintances, business associates, and even other real-estate investors in evaluating and seeking options for possible investment for property financing. Investors working with Marques Commercial Direct have known how to build their network and benefit from them.

Investors working with Marques Commercial Direct are three times more likely to ask fellow real estate investors for advice regarding financial sources compared to others. They do not only rely heavily on their vast connections thus ensuring more access to information and options but also seek counsel with close acquaintances. A survey has shown that they are two times more likely to seek information from the latter. On the other hand, other investors rely heavily on their current bank, and online searches to find listings compared to Marques Commercial Direct. The same survey had shown that roughly one in five investors find information from their real estate agents on identifying financial sources for investment properties.

Independent real estate investors and small company entrepreneurs make up most of investors working with Marques Commercial Direct. They might not be eligible for a typical bank loan and because of this they rarely inquire about financing options for the investment properties from their present bank. In addition, bank workers are strictly prohibited from promoting alternative lenders.  This may help to explain why investors working with Marques Commercial Direct seek their bank for resources in regard to their investment properties very differently from other investors.

The Effects

Based on this data, independent mortgage brokers and small business owners who connected with other real estate investors and their associates are more likely to get a referral for a financing solution for their investment property loans. Proving once again that skill is not the only thing that matters but more so are relationships.

Since investing is experiential, investors must acknowledge the importance of building relationships. When trying to expand one’s business, do not rely heavily on “traditional” channels. It is imperative to get your name out to real estate investors and to let them pass your contact information on to a friend or associate. With this, you can be assured that you have met the demands of both independent real estate investors and small business owners. So, expand that network now and learn and connect with others and see how word-of-mouth works best.

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