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Single-Family Home Investment: Top Performing Investment

Written by Marques

Single-family home rentals are booming among the other property type investments. Data shows that 6 out of 10 investors own a single-family home investment (SFI) because of its impressive potential for long-term appreciation.

Data shows that single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, and condominiums are the most popular among real estate investors. While small commercial buildings were still up, it ranked next with around 11% of the investors owning this property type. Consequently, the multi-family and mixed-use property types which feature commercial buildings on the ground floor and residential units on top set the bottommost among them.      

Apparently, single-family homes are at the peak of investors` preference over other property types. Here`s the edge of picking out SFIs as your investment property.

  1. Investing in SFIs saves your fund since it is economically affordable compared to other investment properties.
  2. Single-family properties provide higher appreciation rates and lower monthly rent plus a reduced vacancy rate; thus a perfect deal for the investment.
  3. Less trouble with tenant turnover- focusing only on one person and turnover is less frequent.
  4. Reduced maintenance cost. Focus only on the single scope of property to manage.
  5. Simpler to resell. Offers lower prices compared to other types of property investment. Hence, a smart investment type of property.

Single-Family Rentals As Investments

 There are several things to consider prior to deploying your property-type investment. Purchasing single-family homes which can be rented out offers enormous market demand nowadays.

While some perceive that investment property mortgages are more complex than conventional house loans, they are not provided as much since an SFI is still a single-family residence. Business is still transacted in the same neighborhood The SFI residences shared the same appraised value in the same neighborhood. Hence, Marques Commercial Direct can still offer loans for investment properties using all of their skills and experience in handling house loans for consumers. The only difference is that the income paid for investment properties comes from the rent paid by tenants who rented the property rather than the borrower`s own income.

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