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Investors’ Top Considerations: Solution and Certainty to Close

Written by Marques

Investors working with Marques Commercial Direct consider solutions and certainty to close as the key factors in getting an investment property loan.

To purchase an income-producing property, considering an investment property loan to obtain money to make the most of an investment opportunity is not a hindrance. On the other hand, investment property mortgage rates are usually higher than the rates offered in acquiring a primary residence. But many lenders offer a lot of mortgage options to people who aren’t financially ready to buy one. And it feels like there are so many to choose from because mortgage programs keep creating new methods to give assistance to all types of borrowers but interest rates may also vary significantly between companies. This is why investors working with Marques Commercial Direct view the interest rate as the most important factor.

Most investors want low interest rates but not everybody are eligible because more requirements are needed to comply if investors apply for low interest rates.  To be able to obtain the loan and acquire the property, the choice is to pay for higher rates.  This reason explains why certainty to close a loan is the next in line to think through among investors.

The Bottom Line

Investors don’t always get the low interest rate they ask for because it is not always applicable to all, especially for those who can’t comply with the strict borrowing requirements.  The lower the interest rate, the more complex the requirements needed thus the less likely to close a loan. So if a higher interest rate will be offered, it is better to make sure in putting emphasis on the solution and certainty to close the loan to acquire the property.

Getting the wrong mortgage could cost lots of money and decades of debt, not to mention an investment failure. A great advantage on deciding on the precise mortgage for real estate investment objectives is having the knowledge and understanding of the ins and outs of investment property loan programs to maximize the chances not only of getting the very best deal for the business, but also exhausting the possibilities and be confident that the transaction is actually going to close.  In comparing different borrowing options and deciding what to choose, it is always important to determine the key factors to consider and how each one can affect the investment’s ultimate outcome to come up with the right decision.

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