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Investors Show Preference for Small Apartments, Multi-family, and Small Commercial Buildings

Written by Marques

Despite the fact that most independent real estate investors have common considerations in the purchase of a single-family home, Marques Commercial Direct has noted that investors have a high preference for small apartments, multi-family, small commercial, and mixed-use buildings. In the choice of investments, decisions around the acquisition of real estate properties are guided by criteria that can help make good deals that will support long-term objectives which is always the goal of the investors.

Marques Commercial Direct started its venture in 1999 by mainly concentrating on the originations of small-balance commercial mortgage loans. For any investor looking to grow his business fast, small balance commercial mortgages are an easy way to increase the opportunity on his business as well as his income. It offers a great chance to close more mortgages in a shorter timeframe and at the same time earn more while the process is easy.  But because of the test of times brought about by the global financial crisis, Marques Commercial Direct identifies the need to open its door to investment properties as its answer to the growing demand for rental properties. With the investment potential on rental properties, it was able to take a good look at the benefits. As a result, Marques Direct is one of the few to offer both residential investment and small commercial loans.

The Possible Effects

The continuous evolution in the mortgage industry is an endless challenge to real estate investors, creating tough moments for them to decide on what is the best action they have to apply and to understand the different conditions in the market.  There are uncontrollable factors that investors need to consider. And because of these, it is a smart move to broaden the scope of the business approach by proposing more options that will cater to homebuyers, home developers, and investors and will give them income protection even if changes in the market will occur.  It can be observed that clients are more purpose-oriented in making decisions with regards to buying different types of real estate properties and the intention is to earn, have a return on the investment through rental income, capital appreciation by resale of the property, or both.  The move of business expansion by extending service in both small commercial property and investment loans is such a big leap for them to intensify their position in the industry.  Business growth through diversification will open more

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