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Flexibility, Speed, And Ease: A Sure-fire Way To Win Investors

Written by Marques

There are numerous reasons why a business entity turns to a particular source when seeking financing for its current and future investments. From loan terms to trustworthiness. Marques Commercial Direct has a strong foothold and presence in the investment marketplace.

In identifying and choosing probable funding sources, investors working with Marques Commercial Direct always chooses the one which offers flexible financing and involves minimal requirements. This was based on a survey conducted on preferred sources for financing with around 287 respondents. The same survey indicated that compared to others, investors that Marques Commercial Direct get to work with are 2.5 times more likely to choose funding that are flexible, quick, and easy. With this, they are also about 1.4 times more likely than other investors to select a funding source based on how quickly time is allotted to close the deal and the source’s reliability.

This is different from other investors who prioritized the loan terms, lender location, and Internet ratings as the basis for their decisions when it comes to choosing a funding source. The main factors influencing how investors working with Marques Commercial Direct and other investors select a funding source may be broken down into two categories. First off, investors working with Marques Commercial Direct are often ineligible for standard bank loans due to stricter application requirements. Second, compared to others, investors working with Marques Commercial Direct frequently acquire more properties. With these, the best option for investors who work with Marques Commercial Direct is to seek a more lenient underwriting policy that makes loan approval simpler and quicker.

Investors working with Marques Commercial Direct appear to place less importance on loan terms than other investors because they often are not eligible for loans with the best interest rates. As opposed to investors working with Marques Commercial Direct, other investors are 23% more likely to name loan conditions and 4.3 times more likely to include location as their top factor when selecting their preferred loan source.

The Possible Effects

The choice of funding sources relies on who you want to attract. If the objective is to draw in independent real estate investors who often qualify for conventional bank loans, then the strategy is to focus on loan terms. However, if it is to target meeting the demands of independent investors and small business owners then the emphasis should be on flexible underwriting, simple qualification processes, and a quicker approval process.

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