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Taking Advantage of Opportunities: Brokers On Rental Property Loans

Taking Advantage of Opportunities: Brokers On Rental Property Loans

Competing in the growing real estate market and making the decision of buying a rental property can be challenging for first-time buyers. Investing in a rental property is a risky project, but it has the capacity to become or develop into something in the future and get a big payoff. Determining ways to find the money and make the most of an investment opportunity is not really a problem if investors know where to look. 

Opportunities for Brokers

When trying to start a business, it is best to enter a market with a lot of demand and potential for growth. Young professionals nowadays are not that interested to own a property to live with it. But instead, they are more attracted to properties that are to be found in areas convenient and with easy access for them to various establishments, especially near the workplace. For these reasons, brokers can make the best out of the situation.

The increasing consumer desire to purchase a particular rental property and get a loan to finance it brings out a lot of opportunities for brokers.  As investors compare different borrowing options, brokers can help them understand the short and long-term benefits and how they can affect their investment’s outcome. With the help of a rental loan, the first property purchase can be easy, save money, and increase business growth in years to come.

The Broker’s Role

Brokers are the ones putting entrepreneurs in touch with lenders. They can help review details and select the best and what is suitable in the area and they have plenty of experience in dealing with rental property finance. They can offer the best service and always do utmost care to make sure that clients will have a property that is a perfect match to what they really prefer to purchase so it is well worth their money and brokers help to arrange a loan for a new or previously owned home

There are so many options to choose from, and in order to make the best financial decision for investors, they must understand the advantages and brokers can dig more into it. Brokers can start by assisting them to understand what they really want. Helping them to look around different options and recommend what suits their needs.

An investor’s choice is a decision that will have financial consequences for a long time. In the real estate market, rental properties are always in demand and they’re a good option for being in control of the investment. It allows the implementation of more strategies to increase income and manage properties like a business, having higher profits as a reward.

The Alluring Nature Of Asset-based Lending

The Alluring Nature Of Asset-based Lending

Lending to businesses that are supported by assets or other forms of collateral is known as asset-based lending. Asset-based loans — sometimes referred to as lines of credit backed by assets like accounts receivable, inventories, equipment, or other assets included in the balance sheet, are also known as such loans. The terms asset-based financing and commercial finance are also used to describe asset-based lending.

Asset-based lenders make it potential for commercial mortgage brokers to accommodate the specific needs of real estate investors who are often difficult to qualify by placing more emphasis on a property’s value and potential for income generation than the borrower’s personal income and credit history.

Asset-based Lending and its Ideal Features

For residential mortgage brokers, asset-based lending opens up new possibilities.

To supplement their home finance business when interest rates begin to rise, a lot of residential mortgage brokers have noted that securing loans for investment and commercial real estate can significantly level up their earning potential. In reality, a huge number of Marques Direct broker clients have grown successful businesses by meeting the requirements of underserved, independent real estate investors who struggle to get financing for their business because they don`t qualify for a standard bank loan.

Asset-based Lending offers Manageable Transactions

Asset-based financing highlights two key advantages for serving real estate investors- flexibility and ease. Marques Direct holds and maintains servicing of asset-based loans as a direct portfolio lender. Thus, Marques Direct is free to establish the underwriting guidelines and secure more adaptable financing options. Asset-based lending is also simpler to fund since they are less complex. If the conventional lenders are compelled to say “no”, applying asset-based funding urges the brokers to say “yes”.

Cross-selling offers a new window of opportunities

Offering asset-based residential investment property mortgages to their existing clients is frequently less challenging and time-consuming than what the experienced residential mortgage anticipated. Brokers, for instance, frequently have the chance to view the real estate holdings of their customers while arranging a house mortgage loan. When house insurance is offered with an existing customer’s vehicle coverage, it presents a cross-selling opportunity. Having more items on your list enables brokers to deepen their connections with their clients and generates more profit.

Asset-based lending allows a win-win deal for both borrowers and lenders. Several advantages fall under each roof. Its attractive features attract more borrowers and affect potential profit among lenders.

Business Growth and More Income Opportunities through Diversification

Business Growth and More Income Opportunities through Diversification

When companies wish to grow, more opportunities are opened through business expansion.  The strategy to diversify will maximize the chance to attract more clients. The more products or services being offered to the market, the more benefits investors can get because it can really increase the potential returns and achieve stability in the long run.

In the real estate market, change is always constant. For that reason, use change as the key factor to broaden the business horizons.  Various factors can move the real estate market on a completely different track. Creating a further diversified mortgage offering, the business more likely to lessen the risk and guarantees a more secure future than those businesses that only serve limited offering.

Even with the possible challenges associated with diversifying, it is still the most effective way to invite more clients.  Clients are very important because they create income. Without them, businesses would go nowhere.  The more products or services are introduced to them, the more they are attracted. More customers mean more opportunities for business growth.  Business growth signifies more earnings.

Diversification Techniques

In the investment world, there should be an equilibrium between security and risk-taking. An investor can’t always put everything in one basket. There should be other options just in case the first one doesn’t get ahead as planned.  This way, if one option isn’t a hit- there are some more options that will cover up. 

There are three different types of diversification techniques.  These are:

  1. Concentric Diversification – involves the addition of new products and services that are alike to the ones that are existing.
  1. Horizontal Diversification – involves the creation of new products or services that are somewhat related to what is already existing in the market. 
  1. Conglomerate Diversification – involves the creation of new products that are distinct and different from the existing ones.


Learning to diversify will help boost the business. It is about creating products and discovering new areas in business thus offering numerous options to customers which means having access to an additional source of income. Considerably, the easiest way for longstanding development for investors and third parties comes from horizontal diversification since adding new products and services to an existing market will give the business just a little time to acquire new skills or knowledge and as a result, it will increase the chances of growth and revenue generation in a shorter period of time.

Gaining Advantage From The Rental Market Potential

Gaining Advantage From The Rental Market Potential

The Pew Charitable Trusts estimates that around 43 million American households rent their homes instead of buying them, either for convenience, cost, or a combination of the two. The Americans` option to rent instead to buy varies largely on several variables, such as their family`s income, lifestyle, and the real estate market area.

The increase in the number of Americans who prefer to rent rather than own their homes has created opportunities for investors in one- to four-unit rental properties, mixed-use complexes, and multifamily structures. This is an ideal chance for commercial mortgage brokers to expand their market by responding to this trend and providing financing programs for residential rental properties such as single-family houses, condos, townhomes, and small apartment complexes. 

Potential Market

America claims that the rental property business has been booming over the past ten years. Records show estimates from the Census Bureau, the number of single-family rental homes increased in the U.S. by 31% in the decade immediately after the housing crisis of 2007, while the number of multifamily rental homes only increased by 14%.

The Rental Market and the Millennials

The rental property market, specifically the urban regions have greatly influenced by the millennial outlook. According to United States population estimates, the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials will exceed baby boomers in 2019 as the largest generation of living adults in the country when their numbers reach 73 million and the Boomer population goes down to 72 million. Even still, in terms of homeownership, millennials aren’t imitating their parents.

The fact that renting is more economical on a monthly basis than owning was given as the primary reason for millennials’ preference for rental housing.

Boomers and millennials live relatively different lifestyles than one another, especially when it comes to where they choose to reside and why they prefer to rent rather than own a property. By the time they were 34 years old, around 52% of baby boomers in 1974 had their own house. This percentage was only 29% among millennials in 2016. So, despite the notion that millennials are purchasing more houses than ever, according to a new Ellie Mae analysis, the majority of millennials endure to live in rentals, and data indicates that this trend is unlikely to alter very soon.

Mortgage Brokers and the Renting Market Demand

To respond to the decline in home-purchase loans and refinancing businesses influenced by the recent increase in interest rates, commercial mortgage brokers have been able to capitalize on the improved demand for rental assets by providing investment and small-balance commercial mortgages to borrowers interested in purchasing rental properties.

Millennials, labeled as the “Generation of renters,” comprise the largest generational group in the U.S. Their renting preference has significantly influenced the rental business industry and positively modified the landscape in the rental market.

Real Estate Agent: A Top Deal On Finding Investment Property

Real Estate Agent: A Top Deal On Finding Investment Property

Investing in real estate may pose both challenges and opportunities. Locating promising investments and sites, prospecting the best deals, and the like are certain thoughts investors should initially account for.

To face the daunting task of finding an investment property, you need an individual with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the market. Finding a real estate agent works the best among all other means of finding an investment property.

Here are some advantages to hiring a real estate agent to help you find the best market deal.

  1. Agents are knowledgeable about what to search for.

    With that list securely tucked away in the back of your mind, you’ll undoubtedly feel at ease looking at houses for sale. However, there will always be homes in the neighborhood where you want to reside. Which of these properties, then, would best fit your wants and financial situation? Real estate agents can help you shorten the list of possibilities and opportunities for your prospective investment property.
  2. Agents have business networks.

    Real estate agents are professional at networking. They are familiar with the pros and cons of home buying and selling operations. Many people will have a list of preferred service providers they have worked with in the past. To put it another way, it is quite advantageous, which is why real estate investors prefer to work with real estate agents.

    Additionally, buyers must deal with experts such as inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, and the like. You can tap your real estate agent`s network instead of doing the task on your own.
  3. Agents are well-versed in the market.

    The trends and conditions of the present market are greatly perceived by real estate agents. The best agents are knowledgeable about every aspect of the housing market and how related variables can affect the investment process. This intimate knowledge of the market explains why hiring a real estate agent is the best move in the investment transaction.
  4. Agents provide helpful price advice.

    As a property owner, you believe that you are aware of your property’s value. However, things become more complicated when you have second thoughts about whether you’ve set a fair price for your investment property. Emotions sink in, and you may find yourself overestimating the cost of your investment. The real estate agent who simplifies things will present you with the appropriate price range and assist you in determining the best deal. Indeed, real estate agents know the best marketing techniques.
  5. Agents save time and resources

    Real estate transactions can be a lengthy process to deal with. This includes tricky contract forms and other related documentation, which may put you in an exhausting situation. However, working with a real estate agent makes the process easier for you. As a buyer, your agent will shield you from seller marketing efforts and an onslaught of calls.

    A real estate agent is a valuable resource when buying or selling a house. The advantages of having your best real estate agent guarantee your satisfaction and service beyond every investment deal. Undoubtedly, among the methods for locating investment properties, using a real estate agent tops the list.