Marques Capital Online | 1-4 Unit Investment Property
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1-4 Unit Investment Property


Introducing our new 1-4 Unit Investment Property Program. Marques Commercial’s single property loan program is designed to help investors grow their investment portfolio through refinancing existing properties or purchasing new assets. Includes 2, 3 and 4 unit properties and non-warrantable condos.


Lending Area Nationwide
Loan Amounts $75,000 – $3,000,000
Cash Out Purchase / Refinance up to 75% LTV
Adjustment Period Same Index, Margin, Caps and Floor as CCL 100
Prepayment Up to 5 years / stepdown
Underwriting Min. 1.00 DSCR
Seasoning Not required (< 12 months seasoning ownership or debt – case-by-case)
Rate Buydown 1 pt. for 50 bps reduction, 6.75% floor
Occupancy Investor Only – NO Owner Occupied
Loan Term Subject to remaining economic life
Personal Recourse Required for 25% or greater ownership
Credit Score Minimum 580
Loan Cost 5% total (origination, processing, underwriting, and documents)
Third Party Deposit $995 – $1595